Here are the items and resources for April 14, 2017:



  • “Touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets are now fixtures of many households, so it comes as little surprise to learn that young children who don’t work or go to school are among their most active users. In the first study of its kind, researchers have learned that infants and toddlers who spend more time on these devices sleep less at night. It’s a troubling finding, but the reasons for these sleep disruptions are still unclear.” — Read more on this subject at Lifehacker
  • The Future of Packaged Water — Maybe it’s me, but this is not appealing.  It may appeal to you. 
  • Instagram has grown up from its early days with many new features including the Snapchat type feature called Stories.  This article will help you use it with some good tips. Facebook says that “Instagram Stories [are] now more popular than Snapchat.”
  • Netflix now allows you to download movies to your Windows 10 device.  This article tells you more about the process. 

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