Here are the items and resources of interest for April 13, 2017:


  • The Uniqueness of the Psalms — What is unique about the Psalms? Watch as W. Robert Godfrey explains that they are not only God’s Word to us but also our words to God.
  • The Main ThingKevin DeYoung writes, “Holy Week is a check-up for the Church. To use a tag line that’s already overused, if your core message for this week is something other than “Christ died for our sins,” you’re doing Christianity wrong. If you want to preach about gender equality or social justice or progressive dispensationalism or the extra Calvinisticum, do it a different week. This week is about a substitute for our sin and an empty tomb for our justification.”
  • Five Lessons From Fallen Pastors — An Interesting little article from Eric Geiger.
  • Posting things online is commonplace for all of us today — Here are some questions to ask before you do post.
  • Huge Sermon Illustration database — If you regularly preach the Word of God you will want good illustrations in your sermons.  This will help! 


  • Google will change the Earth on April 18th. 
  • Some people are still running WindowsXP although support for it has long been discontinued.  Here is why. Speaking of a lack of support, say goodbye to Vista as well
  • As a long time Samsung Note user I have decided to jump to the Samsung S8 Plus. If you are also a Note user, this article will help you decide if you should make a change.



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