Here are the items and resources of interest for April 11, 2017:



  • My everyday task manager is Todoist.  If you are looking for a helpful way of organizing all of your tasks, this may be a helpful review. Need another?  Head over here.
  • Perhaps you are looking for a list of the best Task Managers of 2017?  Okay, this site should be of use.
  • What are Android’s top ten best task manager apps?  This site offers their opinion. 
  • PC Mag offers their list of Android apps they think you should pay for and use. 


“Spare neither labour in the study, prayer in the closet, nor zeal in the pulpit. If men do not judge their souls to be worth a thought, compel them to see that their minister is of a very different opinion.”
(Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My students, p.344)



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