Here are the items and resources of interest for April 10, 2017:



  • The ten best smartphones of 2017 — Imagine my joy when I saw that the Galaxy S8+ is listed as the #1 best smartphone of 2017. It hasn’t even been publicly released yet! Well, that is certainly the opinion of one man (and it may be mine when I get it near the end of April).  By the way, it is listed ahead of the iPhone. With that said, if you are in the market for a new smartphone, take a look at this list. 
  • Killing Bugs! — Have you ever wondered how Microsoft gathers the information necessary to roll out updates to users? This article explains the process.
  • Alexa — Do you have an Amazon Echo?  Then you know about “skills.”  Now you can open any skill without enabling it first. Read more to find out how.
  • Are you looking for a new phone? — A review of the yet to be released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus can be read here.  You can also search for other phone manufacturers and see those reviews as well. 


  • More on classical music — a friend of mine shared this resource with me in response to the April 7th Daily Roundup. Excellent!
  • The importance of Grammar — I see it all the time, and I hear it all the time.  Undoubtedly I do it. However, poor grammar is typically something that I am often tempted to correct when I see it or hear it. Sometimes I listen to my sermons, and I hear poor grammar come out of my mouth. It is annoying.  This article highlights the importance of proper grammar. It is possible I am the product of the grammar nazi’s I met during my seminary days. 
  • More on the subject of grammar — This article highlights the importance of grammar and gives some very helpful advice on the subject. 
  • A useful tool for writing — I use Grammarly all the time.  The browser plugin checks your writing and offers to assist to in correcting over 250 grammar errors. It has a standalone app that you can use as well as a Word and Outlook plugin. The plugins will offer corrections on the fly. It has a free version with limitations as well as a paid version that unlocks the full power of the tool. 



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