Prayer: Our triune God, may it be true of us that we are glad and rejoice to go to the house of the Lord and worship you in spirit and truth. May you grant us the zeal and delight to be in your presence, together with your people, singing your praises and hearing from you as your Word is opened and preached. Grant, we plead with you a love for you that can be felt and a sense of your presence that moves us to leave your worship differently than when we entered. Grant to us, your redeemed and cherished people, the will to hear you speak today, and may your Word thunder forth from pulpits all across this earth, shaking the earth’s foundation with the sound of your voice. We further ask of you, our God, that you would move us in our whole being to hear you and obey you, and may you grant us your Spirit so we can do what you say. We confess that we are weak creatures of dust. As such, we are dependent on you for all things. Please give us what we need today: a clear sense of your majesty and glory as we worship you. Please help us honor you in this one day in seven you have given us for our good. We pray these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 122:1

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