Prayer: Our kind and gracious Father, we thank you and praise you that you have called us by name and that we belong to you. We are humbled at your kindness in making us a new creation through the work of your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank you that we have no reason to fear when the trials and difficulties of this life come to us. You have promised to be with us and sustain us through these things. In springtime and harvest; in feast or famine — you are with us and will never let us go. We thank you for giving us a day that causes us to remember the promise and hope of an eternal rest that will be free from the cares of afflictions of this life. Therefore, Father, as we gather today with your redeemed people, we pray that you would bless us with your presence and cause us to look to you with great expectation as your Word is read and preached. We pray thee, our God, that your Spirit would grant us the help we need to worship you as you have told us. Therefore, give us the will and mind, along with the affections of our hearts, to praise the God of heaven for his great love and favor. As you have called us by name and we belong to you, we pray thee, our God, that you would cause us to live and walk worthy of that calling. Grant, we pray thee, a powerful demonstration of your Spirit today, we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Is. 43

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