Prayer: Our God in heaven, we bow before you today as the God of our salvation, who gives us rest from the cares of this life and our usual employment and recreations that we enjoy on other days. Father, we confess to you that the events of this past week in our world are burdensome. We confess they are heavy things to consider and ponder; sometimes, they cause us to fear and fret. We are disposed to respond this way because we are creatures of dust. We are inclined to these emotions because you have made us feel deeply the impact of various atrocities and behaviors perpetrated against others. We mourn over these things and lament for peace and rest in a world far from it. Therefore, Father, we are thankful for Lord’s Day, which reminds us of the Prince of Peace and the lasting peace you promise to your church. Though we will see it in a very small measure today, we ask that you would speak peace to our hearts and minds and remind us of the hope of the Gospel and the promise of eternity with you. May you be pleased to dwell in the midst of your people wherever they gather today, and may you give them a sense of your loving presence. We further ask you to speak to us the words of life as given in your most holy Word. May your Spirit teach us and guide us, and may we respond with praise to you for the hope you give us. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Heb. 4


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