Prayer: Our Father in heaven, you alone are holy, without blemish or spot, perfectly wise in all you do, and the alone sovereign of heaven and earth. You alone are the one true God of heaven and earth, working all things according to the counsel of your most perfect will. Nothing that occurs is beyond your comprehension and direction, for you have ordained all things for the glory of your name and the good of your church. You have ordained this one day in seven as a day when your redeemed people can rejoice and proclaim, “I was glad when they said, let us go to the house of the Lord.” We are glad and rejoice with exceeding joy because you have ordained corporate worship to remind us of your eternal promise to usher in the New Heavens and the New Earth, where there will be no more weariness from the frailties of this life. We confess, our God, that we live in a sin-wrecked world that burdens our minds and hearts. In this life, we see fractured and strained relationships, the sorrow of suffering, the constant battle with sin, the ongoing turmoil that flows out of indwelling sin, and a host of other circumstances that, at the root, are due to our sinful pride. Because of sin, we fight with others, demand our way in most things, and look down at others with a judgmental spirit. Instead of loving as you love, we seek our way. Instead of pursuing righteousness, we tend to pursue that which you forbid. Instead of loving you with our whole heart, we love ourselves and seek our own kingdom. Please forgive us, Father. We know how these things displease you, yet you have given us your beloved Son as a demonstration of your great love for us. Therefore, we beg pardon due to the blood of Christ and ask that on this day, as we gather with your redeemed people, you remind us of your eternal love, patience, kindness, and grace. We further ask that you bless us with your presence and assure us through your Word. Please help us, Father. We are weary, tired, and often languishing. Restore to us the joy of our salvation we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 122:1; Eph. 1; Psa. 51:12

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