Prayer: Grant to your redeemed people, almighty God, a sense of your presence today as we gather to worship and adore you, the one true God of whom there is no other. Grant, we plead with you a sense of your grace, restoring us from the trials and difficulties of this fallen world and reminding us of your love for us even in the face of hostilities and evil people. We further plead with you to calm our minds and emotions brought about by those who seek to ruin your church and your people. We further ask you to remove the mask they have lived behind for many years and expose them for who they are. We know your Word tells us that you are for your people, and you will defend them from wicked behavior. You ask you to act on behalf of your church. Therefore, we beg you, the LORD of hosts, to rise up and rally the forces of heaven against those who seek to harm your people. We know you have done this in the past. It was you who rescued your covenant people from Egypt and the cruelty of those who sought to destroy your church. We know that you spared Elijah on Mt. CArmle when he stood alone against the idolatry of his day. We know that you stood with your beloved Son as he faced opposition from every corner as he labored to rescue poor and pitiful sinners. Father, we are not deserving of your protection. There is nothing good in us. Yet, you promised to help us, and so we plead with you, the God of all creation, to intervene in a mighty way for the sake of your church. We pray for those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake. We pray for those men and women laboring in hostile areas of this world, naming the name of the Lord Jesus, who is attacked on every side. Please, our God, defend them and the cause of your Son. Please help your church, wherever she may be found, and defend her against the Evil One that roams about seeking whom he may devour. We pray these things through the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Matt. 5:10-12; Psa. 56:1-4; Psa. 118:6; Rom. 8:31

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