Prayer: Our God, you who called your people from darkness to your marvelous light, we give you thanks and praise for your wise provision of this one day in seven in which we come apart from the activities of this fleeting world to rest in your presence and hear from you as you speak to your redeemed people. We thank you for the ministry of the bride of Christ and the glory you have determined to place on her. We beg of you, our Father, that your ministers, called by your name, will proclaim your Word with boldness and strength, depending on and trusting in your Holy Spirit to speak plainly into the lives of your people. We pray for fruitful ministries and faithful men. We ask that you ministers would gladly spend and be spent for the sake of the souls of your people. We further pray that you would make us attentive to your Word. We ask that you would cause us to hear and do what we hear. Please grant us a desire to sit at the feet of Christ and learn from him today. Please help us to take stock of our souls, and may you protect us from our hearts that are easily led astray. 

We thank you for giving us the Lord’s Day as a reminder of your love and favor. We thank you that you are determined to speak to your church through preaching your Word. We thank you for the reminder of the heavenly rest we long for and desire. So, our Savior, come quickly, we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: 1 Cor. 3:10-15; Heb. 4

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