Prayer: Almighty God, we praise your name today because you are good and kind to your people. You have given us your Word in which we hear your voice and know your will. We thank you that you have given us ears to hear and hearts to respond to your commands. We thank you that through the primary and ordinary means of grace — that preaching of your Word — we hear the living voice of the Lord Jesus speaking. As he speaks, He ministers to his people as the Good Shepherd of the sheep. We confess that there are times when we do not listen and heed the things the Spirit declares to his church. We confess that we fail to prepare our hearts and minds to hear your Word. We are ashamed at how dull of hearing we often are as we sit under your Word. Forgive us, Lord. Please cause us to hear you today, the Lord’s Day. Please cause us to listen diligently and meditatively so we may bring forth fruit of your Word in our lives and glorify you. We pray these things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 103:5; Mark 4:21-25; John 10

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