Prayer: Grant almighty God that as we gather for public worship today, we will do so with great zeal and delight, knowing that we need your worship and presence to guide and help us. We confess that we so often fail to anticipate your worship with the joy and excitement that we read about in your Word. We read that “in your presence there is the fullness of joy.” We know that you gave to us this one day in seven as a perpetual reminder of the joy that awaits us when we cease from this life’s labors and enter into your presence for eternity. We confess that we are so quickly enamored with the fleeting things of this life. We confess that we are easily distracted and consumed by our erected idols. We acknowledge that we often find more comfort in the presence of sinners than we do in the presence of your people. Forgive us for these things, Father. Please help us, for we are weary creatures of dust. Please remind us today that you alone are our refuge — a strong tower that shields us from the afflictions, struggles, distresses, and miseries of a sin-wrecked world. Please help us bless you for the counsel your Word gives, and may you give us more grace to be obedient to you because of your love for us. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 16

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