Prayer: Our glorious God and Father, we bless your name today and thank you for your many mercies given to us through the work of your Son. We are your people and the sheep of your pasture, and we have been rescued from the miseries of this life because of what Jesus, the Good Shepherd of the sheep, has accomplished. We thank you for having rescued us from the greatest pit and the greatest struggle: our sin and separation from you. We confess that we still struggle in this life due to our exile from the land of promise, our eternal home, and the place we long to be. Because we are exiles, we feel the weight of this life and the many miseries that come to a fallen world with fallen people. Too often, Father, we do not wait for your acts of providence with patience. Too often, we strive against that which you tell us to do. We fail to pray and plead with you, expressing our trust in you. Formality is not what you desire but a heart and life that fully trusts you. Forgive us and help us to trust you. We know that you have proven yourself to us repeatedly. We know that your Word reminds us over and over to place our whole hope and life in your hands. We know that we are safe there. Yet, we struggle. We sin. At times we live as practical atheists. Please grant us more of the Holy Spirit who convinced our minds and hearts of your eternal love that was sealed when you wrote our names in your book. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 40

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