Prayer: Almighty God, as we bow before your majesty on another Lord’s Day, we are reminded that you are holy, and we live in a world of sin and misery. Yet, you are pleased to rescue sinners from their miserable estate and bring them to your side. We confess that we are often consumed with feelings of abandonment and loneliness. We acknowledge our tendency to succumb to the effects of this world ruined by sin. Yet, you have made great promises to us and rescued us from those times when we were despairing and despondent. You do so, usually, through the ordinary means of grace. Through the ministry of your Word, prayer, and the sacraments, we are strengthened and reminded of your eternal love for us. Therefore, Father, as we gather with your people today, we desire to tell of your name to our brothers and sisters. Amid the congregation, we desire to sing your praise. We know that you do not need our worship, but you have given it to us to help us in our pilgrimage through this life to the life you are preparing for us. Be pleased, holy God, to dwell among your people today as they gather to praise and hear from you. We desperately need the comfort of your Word and the ministry of your Spirit. We long to see your glory and desire to see you glorified through the songs we sing, the words we hear, and the prayers we offer. Thank you, our God, for being patient with us in our weakness and cause us to strive after holiness as you have commanded, we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen,

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 22:22-26

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