Prayer: Grant almighty God that you would grace us with your presence as we gather to worship you today. We are thankful that you have called us apart from our worldly cares and recreations to honor and adore you today. We know that we need you greatly because we are creatures of dust, and we often struggle with our emotions and thoughts. Indeed, Father, this life is often hard. We are assailed from without and from those within our number. We often feel alone, wandering through this life. Sometimes, we cry out to you and wonder if you hear us and if you will ever come and rescue us from the troubles that surround us. Therefore, our God, forgive us for doubting you. Time and again, you have proved yourself faithful, and time and again, we prove ourselves weak and frail. Please help us, holy God, and grant us an abundance of your grace as we worship you today. Remind us, through the eternal Spirit and your infallible Word, of your infinite love for us and cause us to sing your praises for all you do for us. Do not be far off, and do not abandon the work of your hands. Deliver us from the powers of the Evil One and save us we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 22

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