Prayer: Our God, you have been our safety, refuse, and a fortress throughout our lives. Because of the work of redemption brought about by your sovereign good pleasure and love and rooted in that which your beloved Son, our great High Priest, accomplished, we have great reason to praise you and stand in awe of you. Though our sins are as scarlet, you have washed them white as snow. Though we are creatures of dust, you have called us the apple of your eye and treasured possession. Though our days are brief, you have appointed each of them, commanding us to use them to the glory of your great name. Indeed, our Father, you have made us to enjoy you and worship you. You give us this one day in seven to gather with others that you have placed your love upon that we might praise the God of heaven with one voice and heart.

Please help us to do that today, our God. Please help us to hunger and thirst for righteousness. Please help us to seek your kingdom. Please help us to see your glory. Though we confess that we often stray from the purpose of this day due to the weakness of our flesh and the countless distractions surrounding us, we know that you are just and faithful to forgive your weak children as they humble themselves before you. Therefore, Father, forgive us and help us use this day for the purpose you gave it to us. May we know something of the eternal rest you promise, and may we draw strength from the beauty that is your worship in the presence of the true God. We pray for these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 90

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