Prayer: Grant to us, O Father, your kindness and grace as we gather to meet with you and hear from you on this another Lord’s Day. We thank you for giving us this one day in seven as we come apart from our everyday activities of the week — our employment and our recreations – to worship you with your redeemed people. It is a great privilege afforded us to be in the presence of the Most High God, to sing to you, and to hear from you as your Word is read and proclaimed. We thank you for making the Sabbath for man, not man for the Sabbath. It is this day you have made to remind us of the eternal rest that is ours as your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, secured it. On this day, we hear from him as your Word is preached by one called and approved for that purpose. Indeed, Father, you have not left us alone, but you have given us the preaching of your Word as the living voice of Christ to us. All of us are like sheep, and we regularly go astray. We have a great need of this day that you would use it to shepherd us and help us as we pilgrim from the valley to the mountaintop where we behold your glory. Forgive us, Father, for using this day in ways inconsistent with its purpose. Forgive us for going our way, doing our own thing, talking idly about unimportant matters, and failing to honor you. Please grant us a greater desire to love you by obeying you on this day. Please give us a willing heart and mind to listen to you as your Word is read and proclaimed. Please help us delight in the Lord’s Day and find immense joy in it. We pray these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Gen 2:1-3; Isa. 58:13-14

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