Prayer: Grant to us, almighty God, the zeal and delight to honor and adore you today as we gather to worship you for your marvelous works and infinite grace. You have made us. Therefore, we belong to you. You have fashioned us, therefore, we must worship you, for that is why we were made after your image and likeness. We thank you for the bounty of the Lord’s day that reminds us of the eternal hope and promise rooted in your unchanging Word of the eternal Sabbath given to all those who love you because you first loved us. Though we are creatures of dust, daily wrestling with our own sins and weakness, we know that you are good and kind, not treating us as our sins deserve. If you were to mark iniquities against us, who could stand before you? We thank you for the Lord Jesus Christ, our Sabbath rest, and the perfections of his beauty and majesty. We thank you for the hope he brings to weary pilgrims. We ask you, therefore, to glorify your Son as we come to worship you this day. May you give us ears to hear what he has to say to the church. May you give us eyes to see the beauty of the Triune God, and may we then leave and live according to all you have commanded. Please grant us this grace, Father, through the Eternal Spirit so we can rightly live in obedience to you. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 121:1-2; 122

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