Prayer: Grant, Almighty God, that your redeemed people would love you and the church you gave through the labors, service, and blood of your dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Please grant us willing hearts and minds to rejoice in your church, knowing that you are in the midst of her, and she shall never be moved. Please forgive us when we treat her with disrespect. Please forgive us when we behave towards her with a casual heart and mind. Please forgive us when we fail to honor her by abiding by our church members’ vows. We know we are prone to wander and stray from what you say we need. Therefore, Father, please help us to labor to take advantage of the means of grace you have given to the church, and may you use them to help us as we pilgrim through this world. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 48

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