Prayer: Grant almighty God that your redeemed people would gather today out of great love for you for all you have done for us. May you grant that we do that with joy and delight because you have not treated us as our sins deserve. From Egypt, you rescued us, freeing us from the cords of slavery. You have led us through dark paths and difficult days, giving us the things we need: the bread from heaven and the water from the rock. You have graciously provided us the Lord’s Day to remind us of your eternal love and favor and that which awaits all those who love you because you first loved them. Grant, therefore, our Father, that your people, wherever they may be found across this earth, will gladly come and sing your praises. Grant, we plead with thee that you speak to us as your Word is read and preached. Please, our God, grant us willing minds and hearts to hear and obey what you command us. Grant also that we would love and honor this day as a gift from above. We know we often fail to honor this day with our actions and words. Too often, Lord, we do not obey the purpose of this day and go our own way. Instead of using it for your worship, public and private, we spend it on those things that are lawful on other days. Please forgive us. Please help us by the eternal Spirit to gladly and joyfully delight in this one day in seven. May we seek your face and know something of your glory and majesty as we seek to honor you. We pray these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 12:33-42; Ex. 16; Isa. 58:13-14

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