Prayer: Give ear to the cries of your people, our God and be pleased to grant justice and righteousness throughout the whole earth. May you be pleased to judge with righteousness and strength, vindicating your redeemed people and defending them from the wicked. May you, our Father, be quick to defend the cause of the poor and needy and take note and crush those who would oppress them for their selfish interests and gain. We pray that you would help us live differently than those who would oppress the poor, hoard their wealth, and use it to harm the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We confess that we sometimes misuse the blessings you give to us. We confess that our priorities are subjected to this sinful world and evil passions. Too often, we use your good gifts to satisfy ourselves, and so rarely do we use them to bless others. Instead, we invest our time and money in things that do not profit and will not satisfy. We are ashamed that we spend so much of our time storing up treasures in this life and so little time mindful of the life to come. Forgive us, Father. Thank you for giving us your Son, who was oppressed, harassed, mistreated, and murdered by wicked and selfish people, for our sake. We plead your grace through Christ and ask that you would grant us more of your Spirit to move our minds and hearts toward you. Please give us minds that think on your majesty and beauty, and may we set our thoughts on things above. Grant to us a greater desire to deny ourselves for the sake of our Lord and Savior in whose name we pray. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 72; Jas. 5:1-6; Mark 8:34; Col. 3:1-4. 

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