Prayer: Our Father, your Word exhorts your ministers of the Gospel to preach the Word, being ready in season and out of season to reprove, rebuke, and exhort with complete patience and teaching. Your Word also exhorts those ministers to be men of prayer and to labor faithfully on their knees before you for the sake of their souls and those you entrusted to their care. Grant, we pray thee that you would shed the light of your countenance upon those men entrusted with the oracles of faith to be men of deep prayer. Please help them to labor on their knees before the King of heaven of whom they are mere heralds of the precious doctrines revealed in your Word. Grant, we beg thee that they would labor over their sermons in prayer and bathe them in the deep waters of your Spirit that the things they preach each Lord’s Day would be that which calls your people to repentance, edifies the saints, encourages them in their pilgrimage in this life. We pray that you would give them a greater measure of your Spirit as they prepare to proclaim the excellencies of Christ this Lord’s Day. We know that they are often assailed from within and without. We understand that the enemy of our souls seeks to devour and destroy them. We ask for your protection over them that they would watch and pray lest they enter into temptation. We ask for an abundance of your Holy Spirit to be given to them as they pray, read, study, and proclaim your Word. Please grant to them the boldness to preach Christ and him crucified. May they understand that their labors are not in vain in the Lord. 

We further pray for your people as they prepare to gather this Lord’s Day. Grant to all of us a willing mind and heart to hear your Word and do what we hear. Grant, almighty God, that the soil of our heart would be made ready for the bread of life that satisfies weary souls. Grant, we pray that the living Word would warm the weary parts of our souls and be refreshed as we hear from the King of heaven we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: 2 Tim. 4:1-5; Acts 6:4

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