Prayer: Almighty God, we bow before you today because you are good and gracious, the God who remembers his covenant, faithfully guiding and directing our steps day after day. We thank you because you have redeemed us by the blood of your beloved Son. We are grateful to you because you provide us with all we need daily. You provide us with our daily bread and you give to us your Word, which is our spiritual food because we know that man does not live by bread alone. We call upon your holy name today because you are sovereign, working all things according to the counsel of your will for the good of your glory and the good of your church. We sing to you, from our hearts, because you have been good to us, revealing yourself in creation and your Word. We seek you, our God, for the strength we need in this sin-wrecked world. We plead with you to grant us your Spirit so we will not sin against you. We ask you to be with us and guide us, never leaving us or forsaking us. We confess to you that we often stray from your commands. Though you have promised to guide us, we are like sheep that often go astray. Yet, you do not abandon us but leave the ninety-nine and pursue us because of your great love for us. You protect us throughout all our days, and though you sometimes lead us into temptation, we know you will uphold and sustain us when we are tempted. As the God of our fathers, we are reminded of the numerous ways by which you faithfully led your people. You do that today through the ordinary means of your Word, sacraments, and prayer. We pray that you will bless those things to us and that your Spirit will grant us the help of these means as we seek your kingdom and righteousness. Please help us, Father. We are your children and desperately need your grace all of our days. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 105

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