NOTE: This prayer is written in light of the devotional from Prov. 18:8

Prayer: Our Father, you have graciously given your creatures the means to communicate. You have given us a tongue in which we can sing your praises, bless and edify others, preach your Word, and encourage others. You have given us ears to hear those things, and we bless your name for it. Yet, we confess that we often use both as occasions to sin. We are not always careful with our lips, often saying things we should not, gossiping and slandering others made in your image. From that same mouth comes blessing and cursing, and we know that these things should never happen. Additionally, Father, we confess that we often listen to things your Word prohibits. We are miserable creatures, indeed. Please forgive us and remind us to exercise self-control in these things. Please remind us of the hope and comfort we have from Christ, who is the gospel. Please soothe us with the comfort in knowing that you do forgive these things and cleanse us from all unrighteousness displayed by our tongues and ears. Thank you for your patience, and grant us your Spirit so we will control our tongues and ears to your glory. We pray these things in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Prov. 18:8

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