Prayer: Our God who loves to forgive sin, we thank you and praise you for opening our eyes to the truth of the Gospel and the work of your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Though nothing is lovely in us and left to ourselves, we are a people to be pitied and judged for our sins. You, a God of love, are determined to prove it by being willing to crush your Son for our sake. This, he gladly undertook for the sake of those he came to redeem. Your Word tells us that you love the world, the redeemed born from above and given the eyes to see and believe. Yet, many that we know and love have not been given the eyes to see or the ears to hear. Therefore, holy Father, we appeal to your goodness and mercy to bring them to a saving understanding of the Gospel. We plead with you for your great work of redemption to be wrought in the lives of those still lost in their sins. Father, we know that you delight in the forgiveness of sin. We know that you are sovereign and must do this work, or it will not happen. Therefore, we appeal to you, the only One who can rescue men from their misery. Please help them, we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Jn. 3:1-16; Rom. 5:8

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