Prayer: Grant almighty God that your redeemed people would learn the importance of honoring you by keeping their word to you and your people with their vows. As sinners, we are prone to lying and deceiving others. As fallen creatures, we tend to make many promises but never keep them. We know that your Word tells us that when we vow, we should not delay in paying it, for you have no pleasure in fools. We confess our sinfulness in this area as we often say many things but fail to follow through and do what we say. We know that you regard this sin as evil in your sight because you, a God who never lies, makes promises to us in your Word. You are faithful even when we are not. For that, we are deeply thankful. Yet, we still mourn our propensity for using our tongues with little to no care. Therefore, Father, please give us what you command and help us keep our word and honor that which we vow. Please help us to swear to our own hurt and not change we pray through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Eccl. 5:4; Ps. 15:4b

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