Prayer: Our God, as we come to you today, we come with hearts overburdened with this life’s affairs.  We confess our great weakness and know that we witness the numerous calamities that befall us due to a world wrecked by sin. From sickness, disease, and death to struggles strained relationships, the state of those we love, and those we seek to help — all of it, Father, are occasions for us to groan under the weight of this life. We come to you acknowledging that there are many issues in this life that cause us to worry. We confess that we sin when we do, and we seek your help in times of great trouble and despair. Therefore, we ask that you hear us as we cry out to you today. We ask that you who sympathize with our weaknesses and struggles will help us by first hearing us as we set our needs before you, whatever they may be. We further plead with you not to hide your face from your redeemed people but make it shine upon them with great love and care, working all things according to your most infinite and holy will. Father, we confess that there are many occasions when we wander from the hope of your promises, doubting what you told us, forgetting what you have done for us. We know that we are creatures of dust. Yet, we have been given enough grace to plead with the only one who can help us in our distress. So, Father, please help us and grant us your favor according to your mercy and grace. Please do so in light of your faithfulness and due to the work of your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 102:1-2

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