Prayer: Our God in heaven: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we thank you for your infinite mercy and love for your redeemed people. You demonstrated your love for your covenant people by leading them from the place of misery and bondage and condescending to their lowly state by dwelling with them. In Christ, who was made man, you dwelled with us as he came to his own and his own received him not. He tabernacled with his people, and yet, they rejected him. Yet, through all your beloved Son suffered, he suffered for our sake. He was mocked, scorned, brutalized, and crucified to deliver us from our bondage and misery and safely place us in your eternal presence. As the greater Son of David, your Son rules and reigns over the affairs of this world, particularly the matters that affect his church. Therefore, Father, we have no reason to fear because he will rescue us from all his and our enemies. Yet, we confess we often fear the things that happen in this life. We see a world in utter chaos because of the consequences of sin. We see those made in your image rebelling against your Word and suffering under the due response from a holy God. Though we know the end of this road, we sometimes get anxious because of the things occurring around us. WE fret over the economy, the state of our nation, the chaos in our cities, and the wars in our world, and we wonder how much longer you will allow your people to suffer in this sin-wrecked place. Yet, the covenant people of old labored for 430 years under the cruelty of evil leaders — and you delivered them, as you promised. We know that we will be delivered one day, whether through our death or the coming of our Lord. In either case, we pray that you would be pleased to persevere your church to the very end. Please do not abandon the work of your hands and your Son, and gently and wisely lead us to our heavenly rest. These things we pray through the King and Head of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 114

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