Prayer: Grant almighty God that your will would be done on earth as in heaven. Grant, we pray thee that your redeemed people, who benefit from the compassion expressed and demonstrated by your humble Son, would seek to do all that you command as they move through this day. Even as the leper came to him, may we, too, be quick to run to the Savior, cast aside all other fears, and plead with him for the help we need. For indeed, we are miserable creatures. We are infected with the stain of sin. We have been plunged into misery through the fall of our first parents. We grow weary at the smallest of matters. We get sick, wrestle with anxiety, and struggle with many things. Yet, your Son has demonstrated his compassion to us by giving his life in our place. He still ministers to us, being patient with our many afflictions because he, too, knows what it is like to suffer. He listens to our many prayers, never turning a deaf ear to them. Through all of these things, our Lord shows forth his deep mercies and love. Please grant, we plead with thee, that we would also show forth this compassion to others and demonstrate the love of Christ to many. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Mark 1:40-45

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