Prayer: Grant almighty God that though your people live in a fallen world and are subjected to the miseries of this life, they would labor faithfully and diligently to do all that you command this day. We thank you for the great work of redeeming your people. At one time, we were like your people of old — trapped in Egypt, held captive by a cruel taskmaster, and laboring under the burdens of our sin. Yet, you saw and heard the cries of your covenant people. You saw the cruelty of their sad condition. Yet, you were faithful to bring them a mediator who faithfully served your house by doing all you commanded. We, too, have a great Mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is faithful over your house as a son and has shared in our infirmities, yet without sin. Because of his work, we have been given a blessed hope and the promise of the New Heavens and New Earth. He learned obedience through the things that he suffered that he might bring many into union and communion with you. We thank you for the great work of redemption, and we pray that we will return your grace and kindness by living worthy of the calling you have placed on our lives. Though we often fail, and though we often sin, we thank you for the comfort of forgiveness and grace, knowing that you will never cast us aside. 

We pray that you would be pleased to help us walk according to all you have commanded. We pray that we will do it with joy and delight, knowing that we are serving a great and glorious God who has demonstrated his eternal love toward us by giving us his one and only beloved Son. Therefore, holy Father, please help us by giving us what you have promised — your Spirit — that we would gladly obey you. Thank you, Father, for hearing us and being patient with us for the sake of Christ. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ex. 2:23-25; Ex. 3; Heb. 3

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