Prayer: Our God, you alone are sovereign and order all events of your world according to your divine prerogative designed for your purposes for the advancement of your glory and the good of your church. You, our God, are in the heavens and do whatever pleases you. We know that whatever you are pleased to do is good and right, for you can do no other. Though we often wonder what you are doing, we know that you do all things well, for your glory and the sake of your steadfast love and faithfulness. Therefore, we do not trust in the fallible actions of men. We do not place our hope in princes, presidents, world governments and their leaders, or anything else. We put our trust in the God of heaven who has revealed himself to us through his Word. Please help us, therefore, to trust you in all that you do. Please give us a better understanding of your right to do whatever you need to do. May we find our help in you alone as our shield from all that seems to come against us. The world and all that it contains is yours. You are the God of heaven and there is no other. Therefore, we praise and honor you, come what may. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 115

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