Prayer: Father in heaven, You who are our refuge and strength (Ps. 46) we thank You for being a God of kindness and compassion. We adore You for your grace and the knowledge that we can find our hope in You. We were made to worship You, and we seek to do so with our whole life (Rom. 12). Forgive us, Father, for our many sins. Forgive us for not loving You and our neighbor as You have commanded. We mourn the indwelling sin that prevents us from obeying You in all ways that You demand.  We are thankful that You have given us Your Son, Who did what we could never do. We thank You for the great salvation that proves Your love for Your people. Be gracious to Your people today. Help them, by Your Spirit, to faithfully live the gospel that has been shed abroad in their hearts. Pour out Your Spirit upon Your people and give them a renewed love and zeal for Your glory. We pray this in the name of Christ. Amen.

Scripture meditation: Psa. 46; Rom. 12.

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