Prayer: Our Father, we know how much you despise idolatry, and yet we often engage in that behavior because we are creatures of dust who crank out idols in our lives and, in so doing, replace you as the one to whom we must look for help. The world around us is ensnared in idolatry, and we, like them, often do so ourselves. We lament that reality and long for the day when we will honor, serve, and adore you in perfect righteousness and holiness. We know your Word tells us that our help comes from you and no one else. We know that you desire your people to fix their hearts and minds on you because you alone are God, and there is no other. It is you that made the heavens and the earth. All that you created is good, but we, as fallen creatures, replace the one true God with trinkets of this world because we are not setting our minds on things above but on the things of this life. Yet, you are patient with us, though we often fall in this area. You do not treat us as our sins deserve, but, like a loving Father, continue to shape and mold us after the image of your dear Son. You never slumber or sleep in your care for us. You watch over us day and night. As our keeper, you provide the respite we need in a world of idolatry. As our fortress, you give us a safe place in a world full of sin and strife. Day after day, you care for your weary people because you have placed your love on us due to the finished work of your dear Son. Therefore, Father, please help us to look to you alone for help. Please, our God, grant us the desire to focus our heart and mind on you, seeking first your kingdom and righteousness in all things. We pray these things, sorrowing for our idolatry but thankful for the blood of the Lamb. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 121

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