Prayer: Our Father, we live in a world of distress and calamity. We know these things are directly related to sin, which has ruined all that you called good. We live surrounded by struggles with our aging bodies, destroyed and fractured relationships, difficulties with people, mental illness, accidents of all kinds, wars and conflicts between nations, false accusations levied against others, and so much more. None of these things are pleasant to experience or consider. Yet, Father, we know that you hear your people when they cry out to you for relief. We know you are good and kind and work all things according to the counsel of your perfect will. Though we often wonder what you are doing, we know that you rule and reign over the affairs of men. Though others may lie about us or practice deceit to ruin us, we place our hope in you. Therefore, our Lord, we pray that you will be kind to us today and help us in the struggles of this life. We ask you to teach us to trust you and not lean on our understanding. Please grant us the will to rest comfortably in your good and sovereign pleasure, come what may. We thank you for forgiving us for those times we worry and fret. We thank you for your Son, who suffered in ways we barely understand. Please give us more of your Spirit and guide us as promised. These things we ask for the sake of Christ and his kingdom. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 120

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