Prayer: Our most holy Father, we thank you for a new day that you are pleased to give to your redeemed people. We thank you for the beautiful sunrise we are blessed to witness as proof of your majesty and power. We thank you for the rest you gave us throughout the night, knowing that you watched over us as we slept. We thank you for family and friends and the joy of fellowship with them. We thank you for your church and the gathering of your holy people as we pray and worship you. Most importantly, our Father, we thank you for the salvation you give us through your beloved Son. As such, we have peace with you and great hope for the future. Throughout all ages you have been faithful to your covenant promises. You rescued your people from the bondage of sin in Egypt. You led them through the wilderness and brought them to your holy mountain. You fed them and cared for them in the journey and then gave them your law to obey as those redeemed by the Passover Lamb. Though they enjoyed your presence in the midst of the camp, and witnessed your kindness, they rebelled against you because of their unbelief. Yet, you remained faithful though they worshiped the calf. Day after day you pled with them and gave to them the oracles of your Word through your prophets. In the fullness of time, you brought forth the great Prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ, and, through him, the greater Exodus is being led by the greater Moses who will lead us, with absolute certainty, to the new Canaan, the New Heavens and Earth. Though we have this sure confidence, we know that we sometimes fail to believe you and honor you. Though we have the blessing of your Spirit, we often forget to ask him for the help we need to honor and love you. Forgive us, Father. Please help us by the eternal Spirit to serve you with joy and gladness. Please help us to trust you and not behave as our forfathers whose bodies fell in the wilderness due to their lack of belief in you. Please guide us this day according to your grace. These things we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 19; 1 Pet. 5:7; Heb. 3-4

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