Prayer: Father, each Lord’s Day, you call your redeemed people to your presence to worship you. Each week we have the great privilege and opportunity to enter together, publicly, to sing your praises with hearts full of thanksgiving to you. In these times, we are called by you because you delight in meeting with us. We come knowing that you are a great God and a great king. You have overruled our sinful hearts that we inherited from our first parents. You have brought us from darkness into your marvelous light. You have put a new song in our minds and hearts, and we can, with joy, praise you for your excellent work of redeeming us. Therefore, with glad hearts, we should kneel before you, our Maker. We should, with joyful hearts, praise you for being a Good Shepherd who leads and guides us through the various twists and turns of this life. Yet, we confess that we often come with cold hearts. We confess that we are often thankless when we enter your presence. We confess that we often lack the affection demanded by your marvelous work of rescuing us from sin. Therefore, Father, please forgive us. Please grant us renewed minds and hearts that we would enter your gates with thanksgiving and sing with joy to you. Please give us more of your Spirit so that we will praise you and listen to you as your Word is preached. These things, we know, are designed for our good. Therefore, be kind to us, your people, and help us we pray through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Ps. 95, 100

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