Prayer: Our Father, we thank you for your divine plan of bringing a people to yourself. Through the work of your Son, you have called a people out of darkness and into your marvelous light. Jesus has rescued us from the curse of the Law, and we now gladly serve him with joy and delight, knowing that your Kingdom is growing and advancing. As citizens of your Kingdom, we draw comfort and strength in knowing that the perfect lamb, the Lion of Judah, sits on the throne and rules and reigns. Through the weapons of our warfare, we are thankful for the Word preached as it proclaims the terms of the kingdom to a hurting and dying world. We pray your Word would continue to advance your purposes and ask that many would come to a saving understanding of the gospel through it. We pray these things in the name of the King, the Lord Jesus. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: 1 Pet. 2:9; Mark 4:30-34; 2 Tim. 4:1-5; Rev. 5:1-14

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