Prayer: Our God, you alone are our refuge and strength, a God who loves his people with infinite and unchanging love. For this, we praise you because your love was demonstrated in the giving of your beloved Son for our sakes. We give thanks to you, for you are always near us, hearing us as we plead with you for justice and righteousness in this world. Father, as we look around this world, it seems wicked people are getting away with much. They seem to act with impunity and are boldly rebelling against your Word and harming your people. Yet, we know that you will judge rightly at the time you have appointed. It is you alone who will bring down the proud and arrogant. You will execute perfect justice and judgment on those who oppose you and your people. Therefore, Father, we praise you because you are watching over your people and mindful of the actions of wicked people. Yet, we ask that you would be pleased to rescue them from their sin. We plead with you to open the eyes of many, so they would see their miserable condition and repent, turning to you and away from their wicked behavior. Throughout your Word, we read of those who refused to bow the knee to you and did so at their peril. We ask that you would be gracious to those who hate you and your church by rescuing them through the work of your Son. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 75

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