Prayer: Our God, we live in challenging days where we see our culture receiving the due consequences of their errors. We live in a time when we see your people oppressed by sinful people as we seek to honor you as the one true God of heaven and earth. We see the confusion of our world and the rebellion of men and women made in your image against your Word, your law. We grieve for our culture and are alarmed at what we are witnessing. Therefore, our God, we plead with you to make haste in delivering the bride of your dear Son. We beg of you to relieve us from the misery around us and in us. We ask that you would turn the hearts of many to you in these dark days. We ask that you would be pleased to open blind eyes and deaf ears. Through the Holy Spirit, we ask that you would effectually call many to yourself and make them see and hear the Good News of Christ. We ask that you help us trust you in these perilous times. We confess that we sometimes grow anxious, yet we trust you. Please help and deliver your church and guide her to that glorious end in which we will see our Lord and be like him and with him for all eternity. These things we pray through our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 70

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