Prayer: Our Father, you who are holy, the thrice holy God full of splendor and majesty, a God who delights in the forgiveness of sin to all those who humble themselves before you. We confess our sins to you, Father, for it is before you that we transgress your commands as given in your Word. We know that we sin daily in thought, Word, and deed, and we know that we battle an irreconcilable war in our members between the deeds of the flesh and the fruit of your Spirit. We confess particular sins as you bring them to mind, and we are ashamed of those besetting sins that so easily entangle our minds and lives. Forgive us, Father. It is not mere service you desire from us but a whole heart that walks humbly with you. If sacrifices delighted you, we would bring them. Instead, you desire hearts full of your glory and beauty, zealous to walk according to your holy Word. Please grant us the mercy and grace of your forgiveness and kindness. Please do not treat us as we deserve, but, in Christ, treat us as sons and daughters and show forth your compassion to us. Please grant us the joy of your salvation and a willingness to do what you have commanded for the sake of your glory, your kingdom, and the work of your beloved Son. We pray for these things in his name. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 51

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