Prayer: Our Father, there are times that our souls are troubled, and our minds are burdened with the affairs of our world. Over the last week, the hearts of many have been wounded by the events of this world. For many of your people, there are other things that trouble their souls, burden their lives, cause them to worry and fret, and, due to your lovingkindness, cause them to turn to you. We confess that we often sit in silence, waiting for your salvation. We are grateful that you are our rock and fortress and the one to whom we can find comfort and rest for our weary souls. Father, we openly admit that we do not understand the way of things as you have ordered them. To us, it all seems senseless and pointless. To us, finite as we are, it all seems to be careless and without any purpose. Death. Disease. The mourning of friends and losing loved ones sometimes cause our hearts to struggle. We know, at least in part, that you have ordered these things and are using them for the good of your church. Yet, we struggle in our souls throughout. We are weak people, we confess, and we desperately need relief. We won’t find our hope in this fallen world. We will not find comfort in the behavior of men, regardless of how good they may be. No. We find our hope in you. We cry out through bitter tears and plead with you, the God of heaven, to relieve us from these miserable circumstances. We desire to trust you completely and entirely from the heart, but we falter. Therefore, we cry out and pour out our hurting hearts to you, asking for your help in our time of need. O Father! Be gracious to you people. Remind them of your care and eternal love that will never let them go. Please help us, we beg of you, and use these things to sanctify us completely. All these things we pray through the name of the One who suffered in all ways that we do yet with sin. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 62

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