Prayer: Our Father, we thank you for redeeming us from the world of sin and misery and uniting us to you through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank you for the great High Priest’s work, which gives us access to you now, day and night, and we can set our burdens and concerns before you. We further thank you for being a kind and gracious God who hears the cries of his people and knows their struggles as they pilgrim in this world that is not their own. Indeed, our God, we often feel as though we are in exile — and we are because our true home is that place you are creating for us as promised. We long for that place, and we long for your eternal presence to shine on us as we behold the face of our Savior, being changed in an instant into his glorious image. So often, our God, we struggle as did the saints of old who languished in the place of exile. So often, we feel the weight of the enemies of the gospel who mock us and scorn us because of our love for you. We confess that due to the many burdens of this world, we find it difficult, at times, to praise you and sing to you. We further confess that we often find it hard to gather with your people on the Lord’s Day. Yet, we pray and plead that you will remember your people for good as they continue on in this world of sin and misery and relive them of the burdens that this life often brings. We pray for you to use those difficult times to move us closer to you, walking in dependence on you each moment. Though we are creatures of dust, we know that you love us with an eternal love. Though we are weak, we know you have promised to persevere us to the end of our days. Even so, our God, please grant us more of your grace, and please watch over your church for the sake of the Lord Jesus, who bought them with his blood. We pray these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 137

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