Prayer: Our Father in heaven, we bless your name today because you alone are holy and righteous, our God who has redeemed us from the ways of this failing world wrecked by sin and infested with wicked people. Due to your infinite wisdom, you left us here as pilgrims and exiles in a world without desire for your ways or your law. As such, they regularly persecute and trouble your people. They are not only our enemies, but they are yours as well. We face hardship on every side, and many in your kingdom are tortured and murdered for the sake of the cross of Christ. They are relentless and seem to be evading your judgment and wrath. Yet, we know that you are mindful of your people. We know that you see every evil act against the redeemed of the Lord and the bride of Jesus Christ. We know that you laugh at the efforts of evil people to bring harm to your church and will, eventually, vindicate your just cause and your holy people. Yet, we confess that sometimes they cause us to worry and fret though you have told us to trust you. We confess that we are often troubled by the efforts of these people though we know you are a fortress that we can hide in and find safety and rest. As such, we have good reason to praise you because you will not let a hair fall from our head without your deliberate intention. Please help us, Lord! Please help us to trust you and walk faithfully with you, whatever the circumstance. May you help us to see that as exiles in this place, we will face the opposition of the godless, but through it, we have the confidence of your goodness and protection. Please grant us more of your Spirit that we might live today unto Christ. These things we pray in his name. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Psalm 59

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