Prayer: Father, we live in a world that demonstrates the wickedness of sin each day. As your redeemed people, we are not immune to their influences and efforts. Unlike the dead idols of this world, you decree what is good and right, and in your wisdom, you allow your people to suffer at the hands of evil actors. As your people, we often wrestle with your divine wisdom and infinite knowledge of all events that occur in our world. We are creatures of dust. We are frail and possess limited knowledge and understanding. Yet, your Word tells us that those who seek to harm your people will never escape your judgment and wrath. We pray that you would help us love our enemies as your Son taught us. WE pray that you would be pleased to rescue them from the prison of their sin and open their eyes and ears to the hope of the Gospel. We pray that you would spare your people from the total onslaught of the Evil One to ruin us. We pray that you will help us. Yet, you do encourage us with the knowledge that the wicked and evil of our world will never escape your judgment. Though they may escape the justice of men, they will never escape yours. As such, we will rejoice when you deal righteously with those who seek to harm us. Until then, Father, grant us the will to persevere, walking faithfully with you even in the face of difficult people. Please rescue us from the efforts of the enemy of our souls and bring us safely to your celestial city. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Psa. 58

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