Father: We confess to you, our God, that this life is often hard and full of great difficulties. We see it in our bodies as they grow old and wither away. We see it in the full effects of sin as men made in your image return to the dust from which they were created. We see it in the opposition of family and friends simply because we have your Name on our hearts and minds. Because we are yours and you love us, we can cry out to you and seek your help in our times of hardship and pain. In those times of sorrow and uncertainties, we are moved to look up to heaven and cry out to you for help. We do so until the storms pass, and your relief is granted to your wandering and helpless sheep. We desire your will, Father, though we confess that we rarely understand what you do. You take from us our loved ones. You bring trouble into our lives. You allow evil people to torment us. None of these things seem good to us, but they do to you. You alone are good, and you alone are wise — wiser than all. Therefore, we trust and believe you when you tell us you are for us. Please help us in our unbelief and grant us a deeper, abiding faith in you. We long for you to be exalted, O Lord. Therefore, bring glory to your Name and help your people we pray through Christ our Lord. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 57

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