Prayer: Our God, who alone is sovereign over all affairs of our lives, who is kind and gracious to us, hear our prayers as we cry out to you in the face of the many difficulties that come to us as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. For we are often assailed from the left and the right by wicked people. Sometimes we feel the weight of those within your kingdom who judge and draw conclusions as they demonstrate the lack of grace in their hearts because of their words and actions. We confess to you, Father, that these times are hard, especially when it comes from those who say they are friends. We acknowledge that we often worry, fret, and grow anxious about the things these people seek to do. Yet, our trust is in you though it is weak at times. Like the Psalmist, we proclaim, “What can flesh do to me? Forgive us, Father, for not placing our complete confidence and hope in your divine providence, which is always right and good. Please help us to pray and live the words of this Psalm, which encourages us to praise you, trust you, and not fear the efforts of evil people to ruin us. We are grateful to you, Lord, that we do not pray as those with no hope because we have a sympathetic high priest who has experienced the opposition of those within and those without. Indeed, he knows our frame, and he knows the struggle we experience, and he cares as the Good Shepherd of the sheep, always ready to minister to our sorrow and pain. Therefore, Father, please help us trust you in the face of these struggles and move us to love you more. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 56

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