Prayer: Our God, you are worthy of our praise and thanksgiving because you have been good to us, not treating us as we deserve. Your love is unlike ours. It is steadfast and immovable. Your reign is unlike the reign of mere man, for it is governed by pure righteousness and holiness. Your works are unlike anything we can fashion with our hands, for you alone made the heavens and the earth and show us your glory with each sunrise and sunset. Your work of redeeming us is unlike anything we are able to do, for man cannot rescue himself from their misery and sin. Your kindness is unlike anything we offer others because you remember us in our low estate and give us our daily bread. Though we know you are good and kind to us, we confess that we often complain about the circumstances of our lives. Too often, we murmur against your divine providence instead of using our tongues to praise you for the many ways you bless us. Forgive us, Father. Forgive us for our hard hearts and complaining ways. Forgive us for the many ways we question your acts in our lives. Please give us hearts that are truly grateful for you and all you do. We pray through Christ, our Lord, for these things. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 136

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