Prayer: Grant to us, O Lord, your faithfulness, and kindness that you have promised your redeemed people and of which we read about in your most holy Word. You are not like the idols of this world that cannot hear and cannot act. You are the one true God of heaven and earth, and you do hear, and you do act on behalf of the people that your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, has redeemed. Because of his perfect obedience, he secured for us reconciliation with you. As such, we have access to you in times of struggle and distress. You do ‘give ear’ to your people, and you do not hide from us. Yet, there are times that we struggle even as we pray. We know that you hear us, but there are times when we doubt. We know that you act for the good of your people, but there are times when we question what you are doing. For we see your people languishing under the hands and tongues of people who bear grudges and speak evil against us. Often, Father, it leads us to bemoan our very existence as we feel the weight of these things in our lives. Worse, we struggle more when it comes from supposed friends who do not measure their words or think before they act. The pain they inflict is much worse than anything our enemies may do to us. We confess that it is often hard when these vile and evil things come from within the family of God. Yet we are told to cry out to you in those times, because you know all things and hear our pleas for mercy. You are a God who redeems our souls in safety as we learn to cast our burden on you. Therefore, Father, please help us to cast our cares on you and convince us in mind and heart that you will never let the righteous be moved. These things we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 55

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