Prayer: Our God, it is good and right for your redeemed people to praise you because you are good, and your grace and kindness extend beyond all that we can imagine. It is right for us to honor you with our words in prayer, to sit and give you the worship you alone deserve because you are a great God, and you rule and reign in the heavens according to your infinite wisdom. We thank you that you give us this privilege each Lord’s Day as we gather as your people to sing your praises in song. We thank you that you call us out of the world and move us to praise you with words that seek to convey our deepest thanks for calling us from the world and placing us into your kingdom. Though we are your creatures, made by the work of your hands, you are mindful of our needs and ordain the means of praise and worship for our good. Yet, Father, we know we fall short of what your name deserves each time we open our mouths in prayer, song, and praise. Nothing we bring to you ever seems to agree with what you deserve from us. Yet, we are encouraged by the hope that we will praise you perfectly in the New Heavens and New Earth, ascribing to you the glory you deserve. Until then, our God, we ask that you, through the eternal Spirit, help us praise and honor you with our lips and lives. Please help us to do all you have commanded, and may our lives reflect your goodness; in some measure, we ask and pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psalm 135

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