Prayer: O God, you alone are sovereign and order all affairs of men according to your infinitely wise will and purpose. As we contemplate your Word today and read of the boasting and arrogance of wicked people, we are reminded that we, too, were once that way. How often, Lord, did we rebel against your Word and the hope of the Gospel? How often did we repel the light unto our path, which leads to eternal life? Indeed, we cannot mark our iniquities against you, and we are thankful that you don’t, either. In Christ, you have rescued us from the state of wickedness and evil and placed us firmly on the solid Rock, which is Christ. Through him, we have great hope. For you are a God that loves good, and you are a God that honors those who fear you.

Yet, we live in a wicked and rebellious world. We are often surrounded by those who do evil in your sight. We are often forced to listen to the words of vile people. In these things, we grieve, Lord. We know their end, for your Word is clear that you reject those who reject your Son and live as though there is no God. We, too, are sometimes that way. We sometimes use our words for evil. We sometimes behave as those who the blood of the Lamb has not redeemed. Forgive us, Father, and forgive those who continue rebelling against you. Therefore, we pray for those who are in desperate need of the hope of Christ. We pray that you will open their eyes and ears to the truth and rescue them. As for us, Lord, we pray that you will give us more of the eternal Spirit so we can trust and walk with you, waiting on you. Please help us in our pitiful state and bless us we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Psa. 51

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